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Wellington waterfront
A slow track across inner city Auckland
Rise up over Albert Park in Auckland
Bespoke Clip
Manukau Transport Centre
West Auckland suburban fly over
Start of a New Day amongst the Town
Porirua community at sunset with hills and beach and school
View of Hamilton City from the west
Tracking shot of Auckland City at night
Christchurch City from Hagley Park
Sunset in Buenos Aires
Crane in downtown Auckland
Reveal of Auckland CBD
Boats moored in an estuary in Auckland
Misty Mornings in the Suburbs
Tilt up the sky tower at dawn
Parking Up the Boat in the Picton Marina
Fast tilt up the Sky Tower in Auckland
Mount Eden Neighborhood
Track across Te Anau lake side township at night
From Picton Marina towards Picton Town
Te Anau township at night
Crane and rooftops in Auckland City
Moored boats in West Auckland
Hong Kong skyline view
Motorway Intersection At Night
Oriental Parade in Wellington
Houses by the lake in Hamilton
Bus traveling along Tamaki Drive at dawn
Mountain range by Te Anau lake side village at night
Big Villas in Napier
Rugby field at night by the coast flying from Porirua school
Suburban West Auckland flyover
Westhaven Marina at dusk
Picton Boat Finishing Up for the Day in the Marina
Fly over of The Pinnacles
Auckland Harbour and CBD at night
Streets of Napier
Camera move down the Sky Tower at dawn
West Auckland neighbourhood fly over
Houses with Hills in the Horizon
Port of Auckland
Boats on Whau River in West Auckland
Wellington Central at dawn
Houses on the Cliff above Napier Port
Rise up over Hamilton CBD
Rise up in Ponsonby
Tracking shot of downtown Wellington at dawn
Downtown Wellington at sundown
Sweeping shot of Auckland CBD at night
Tracking view of Wellington City
Crane and rise up over inner city Auckland
Houses Amongst the Trees and Hills of Napier
Auckland CBD at night
Reveal of Christchurch at sunset
Beach community in Porirua Wellington New Zealand at sunset
An Expanse of Docked Yachts
Track along the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Sky Tower and the Auckland CBD
View of the city from suburban West Auckland
Reveal of Central Wellington at night
Houses on Cliff Faces Looking Over Napier Beach
Picton, Pictons Harbour and Pictons Marina
Raise up over Wellington Central at dusk
Neighborhood at sunset flyover houses and school with the beach in the background
Tilt up the sky tower at dawn
Boats Scattered in Picton Harbour
Christchurch city at dawn from afar
Wellington Central at dusk
Auckland CBD at dawn
Rise up over Wellington Harbour at night
Early morning traffic on Jervois Quay in Wellington
Houses in the Hills of Napier
Metropolis building in Auckland
TVNZ building and a rise up over Auckland City
Rise up apartment complex in Hong Kong
The Beehive in Wellington
Mist Covering Half of the Town
Top down shot of suburban housing area
Dusk in the Hawkes Bay
Blue Skies Above the Suburbs of Napier
Pan across Central Auckland
Wellington suburb at night
Mt Victoria and CBD at night
The Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch at night
Rise up over Queen Street in Auckland
Rangitoto Island from Auckland CBD
Porirua college Wellington and neighborhood at night with cars driving
Skateboarder ollies at skatepark in Auckland
West Auckland community flyover
Wellington City at night
Wellington Waterfront at dawn
Rise up over Queen Street in Auckland
Auckland Waterfront at dawn
Fly over of the Avon River in Christchurch at dawn
Auckland City from Mt Eden at sunrise
Hong Kong cityscape during the day
TVNZ building and view of Ponsonby
Napier South Looking Towards the Hills
Fast pan from the Harbour Bridge to the Sky Tower
Rise up the sky tower at dawn
Wellington CBD in the morning
Judges Bay in Auckland
Sun Setting Over Napier
Township at night with mountains in the background
Top down shot of inner city Auckland
Tracking shot of BMW car traveling fast
Rise up over inner city Auckland
Flags on Auckland Harbour Bridge
Picton Marina and Harbour Full of Yachts
Busy intersection at rush hour
Viaduct Basin in Auckland City
Aerial view of Westpac Stadium in Wellington
From Napier Beach to Houses on the Hills
Tracking shot of Auckland City at night
Fly over of Auckland Harbour
A hot air ballown over residential Hamilton
TVNZ building in Auckland City
Auckland City from the south
Porirua school college in New Zealand industrial building at night
Close up camera move up the Sky Tower at dawn
Riverside houses in Hamilton
Looking Over Napier Houses Towards North
Houses Above a Cliff in Napier
The Terrace and Wellington CBD
Tamaki Drive at dawn
Auckland City skyline at night
Cliff Face Separating Houses and a Main Road
Ascending view of downtown Wellington
Boat travels under Auckland Harbour Bridge
Yachts inside the Peninsula Marina
Suburban North Shore fly over
Marina and Motorway at dusk in Auckland
Top down shot of suburban housing area
Auckland City at night from the harbour
Slow track across a West Auckland neighbourhood
Stationary aerial shot of the Beehive
Sky city in downtown Auckland
Manukau Central from Hayman Park
Mt Victoria and Te Aro at night
The Beehive and Parliament Buildings
Construction in inner city Auckland
El Obelisco and downtown Buenos Aires
Rise up of Auckland Harbour at Dawn
A Solo Boat Joining the Lines of the Marina
Auckland Harbour Bridge at dawn
Fly over of Waikato River in Central Hamilton
Sundown over Motorway in Auckland
Traffic of Yachts in the Harbour
Stationary view of intersection in downtown Wellington
Stationary aerial view of Wellington CBD
Residential Auckland aerial view
Reveal of Auckland CBD from the east
North facing down Waikato River
Rise up of building in Downtown Auckland
View down Waikato River
Wellington Marina Berths
View west over New Lynn Auckland
Porirua community at night with school in foreground
Reveal of West Auckland suburb
Shot of Houses from the Top of the Hill to the Bottom
Porirua neighborhood at night over Porirua College school
Clusters of Homes in Napier
Tracking shoot of bus in Wellington
Rise up of apartment buildings in Downtown Auckland
Christchurch CBD at sunset
A Flock of Birds Flying over the Misty Town
Boats and crane in inner city Auckland
Downtown Wellington in the afternoon
Downtown Wellington at night
Raise up over the Beehive in the morning
Yachts at the Picton Marina
TVNZ and the Horizon Hotel in downtown Auckland
Hamilton CBD and the Waikato River
Reveal of marsh setting in Auckland
Fast moving tracking shot of Auckland City at night
Crane in downtown Auckland
Fly over of Downtown Christchurch
Houses by the Waikato River
Raise up over busy intersection
Fast track of Auckland CBD
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gwen isaac
gwen isaac
SImon is professional, courteous and good humoured. Echo Valley went the extra mile for our production and we are really excited to be working with them. Such amazing footage too, next level and especially good for that cinema feel!
Jasmine Edgar
Jasmine Edgar
Wow, amazing experience working with Echo stock. Such great communication and the end result was so creative and inspiring! Ticked all our boxes. Thanks and look forward to working with you again.
Nanette Miles
Nanette Miles
Great footage and service. Highly recommend.
Nigel Sutton
Nigel Sutton
Amazing experience. These guys had the best video clips I could find, perfect for my project. Easy to search, easy to purchase. A++ Would recommend.
Some great night shots of Auckland. Exactly what i was after.
Harvey Hayes
Harvey Hayes
Great communication and excellent footage quality.
Echo Valley is trusted by the best
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