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Outdoor Fitness in Napier
Dry Summer Hills in Hawkes Bay
Wine Making in the Marlborough Region
Cloud moving down the Mountains towards the Vineyards
A Sea of Vineyards in Marlborough
Track across Milfrod Sound after sundown
Friendship Huddles Watching the Sunset at Te Mata Peak
Te Mata Peak Surrounded by Farmland
Sunlight Enveloping the Vineyards and Hills of Marlborough
Fly over of the Waimakariri River in Canterbury
Dusk Creating Shadows on Peninsulas in the Marlborough Sounds
Birds Eye View of a Tractor amongst the Grape Vines
Sunlight Making its Way from the Hills to the River Below
Blue Skies Above the Suburbs of Napier
Napier Sound Shell at Dawn
Paddocks Overlooking a River Below
Tennis at Napier Waterfront
An Array of Green and Brown amongst the Vineyards in Marlborough
Farm Houses Living Between the Vineyards and the Mountains
Marine Parade of Napier
Rise up over farmland in Canterbury at dawn
Vineyards next to the State Highway in Marlborough
Cliff Face of Te Mata Peak
Circling Shot of Two Sunset Watchers at Te Mata Peak
Sunset on Ngakuta Bay
Peak Picking Season in the Vineyards
Open Landscape of Vineyards in Marlborough
Golden Glow on the Mussel Farms and Water of the Sounds
Twilight on the Hills of Marlborough
Sun Setting on the Hills and Vineyards of Marlborough
Vertical Lines of Vines for the Tractor to drive through
Leaves of the Grape Vines at Dusk
Sunset Strolls on Te Mata Peak
Dusk Falling on the Vineyards
Streets of Napier
Shallow Rocky Riverbed
A Summer Night in the Grape Vines
Farmland on the Canterbury Plains at dawn
Looking through the Trees towards the Napier Sound Shell
Sun Setting Behind the Hills, Overlooking the River Below
Riverside Misty Valleys in Marlborough
Windy Road down the Hill into Ngakuta Bay
Piha Beach at dusk
Rainbow Shot of an Afternoons Work on a Vineyard
Vineyards Extending into the Hills Beyond
Bush Opening Out to the Expanse of Vineyards
Vineyards with the Horizon of both the Ocean and the Hills
Amongst the Vines in Marlborough
Reveal of Christchurch at sunset
Lines of Wind Machines amongst the Grape Vines
Following Two People along Te Mata Peak Ridgeline
From Te Mata Peak to the Valley Below
Houses Amongst the Trees and Hills of Napier
Workers Working until Sunset during Prime Wine Making Season
Morning Exercise Across Marine Parade
Start of a New Day amongst the Town
Clusters of Homes in Napier
Sound Shell in the Morning Light
Crisp Clear Day in Napier
Clusters of People along Te Mata Peak Ridgeline
Car Park Atop of Te Mata Peak in Hawkes Bay
Life on a Vineyard in Marlborough
Vines Basking in the Sunlight
Grape Vines Blowing in a Soft Breeze
From Napier Beach to Houses on the Hills
Light Morning Traffic Along Marine Parade
Final rays of light in Milford Sound
Hills and Mountains of Hawkes Bay
Endless Lines of Grapes in Marlborough
Yacht anchored next to island at sunrise in Abel Tasman National Park
A Colour Palette of Sail Boats
Tractor Exiting and Re-Entering the Grape Vines
Slow Spinning Shot of a Tractor moving through the Grape Vines
A Still Morning in the Vines of Marlborough
Houses on Cliff Faces Looking Over Napier Beach
Fields of Grapes in the Afternoon Sun
Sunset Lovers of Te Mata Peak
Vineyards in front of Snow Capped Mountains
Sunrise Over Napier South and the Port
Napier Sound Shell Along Marine Parade
Dusk Surrounding Te Mata Peak and Beyond
Untouched New Zealand
Birds Eye View of Sail Boats
A Misty Morning in a Valley of Marlborough Sounds
A Dry Wine Summer
Person Standing on a Summit Overlooking Hawkes Bay
Orange Sunset Glow over the Vines
Slow Traffic on a Rural Bridge at Sunset
Late Afternoon Glow on the Grape Vines
Lines upon Lines of Grape Vines
Looking Along the Length of Napier Beach
Ponds in Paddocks Near Houses in Hastings
Rolling Brown Hills above Vineyards
Boats Travelling in the Distance through Marlborough Sounds
Ripe Grapes in the Vineyards
Sail boats Racing Towards other Sailboats
Green Fields of a Winery in Marlborough
Lush Grassy Hills in Marlborough Sounds
Doubles Tennis on the Concrete
Farmland by a river in Canterbury
Last Moments of Sun on a Vineyard near a River
Wind Machines Scattered throughout Vineyards in Marlborough
Napier in the Horizon from Te Mata Peak
Following Two Cyclists Along Marine Parade
Grape Vines leading towards the Hills
Cloud Cover Clearing off the Mountains with Vineyards Below
Sunset Over the Hills of Hawkes Bay
Looking Through the Hills towards Napier
Clear Skies Looking Over Napier and Beyond
Houses in the Hills of Napier
Close Up of Wind Machines amongst the Grape Vines
Vineyards in the Marlborough Region
Shadows from the Hills onto the Vines
Looking Down on Napier Sound Shell and Waterfront
Looking Over Napier Houses Towards North
Morning Glow on Napier and Napier Beach
Cloud Setting in on Te Mata Peak
From Napier Beach to Church
Neighbouring Vineyards in Marlborough
A Dry Summers Day in Hawkes Bay
Vineyards as far as the Eye Can See
Sunshine on an Island in the Marlborough Sounds
Final moments of sunlight in Fiordland National Park
Sunset Over the Marlborough Sounds
Rural Bridge over a Wide River in Marlborough
Sunset on the Grape Vines
Sun Shining Down on the Hills of Hawkes Bay
Endless Farmland in Hawkes Bay
Roads Weaving through Vineyards and Hills
A Flock of Birds Flying over the Misty Town
Following the Water flowing down the River, out to Sea
Sunset along a Hawkes Bay River
Sunset on a House amongst the Vines
Boyfriends of Instagram Getting the Shot at Te Mata Peak
Lines of People Enjoying the Sunset at Te Mata Peak
Napier South Looking Towards the Hills
Following Shot of a Boat Travelling Away Through the Sounds
A Tractor Driving In Between Grape Vines
A Summer Afternoon on a Vineyard in Marlborough
Vineyards, The Landscape of Marlborough
Sailing into the Sunrise in the Sounds
Tennis Partners Switch Easily on Marine Parade
Winemaking in Marlborough
Lush Green Vineyards of Marlborough
Sun Setting Over Hastings
Pink Skies over Vineyards in Marlborough
The Peak of Marlborough Hills Catching the Last of the Days Sun
The Gorgeous Countryside of the Marlborough Region
Tractor Travelling Up and Down the Parallel Lines of Vines
Grapes in Full Season by Farmland
Te Hoiere River and Farmland
Close up of Grape Vines at Dusk
Candyfloss Skies in Marlborough
Vineyard Neighbours
Endless Hills Basking in the Afternoon Sun
Roaming View of the Endless Vineyards and Hills of Marlborough
The Resources of Marlborough
Perfectly Vertical Grape Vines in Marlborough
Houses with Hills in the Horizon
Close Up, Birds Eye View of a Tractor driving through the Vines
Golden Hour over NZ Farmland
Birds Eye View of the Foot Path Along Marine Parade
Sun Shimmering on a River in Marlborough
Napier Art Deco Sound Shell at Sunset
Vineyards amongst the Hills
Twighlight Over Napier and Napier Beach
From Napier to Te Mata Peak
Dusk in the Hawkes Bay
Sundown over Motorway in Auckland
Dry Summer Vineyards with Snowy Mountains in the Distance
Rolling Hills with Patches of Vineyards
Summer Time Wine Making in Marlborough
Sun Setting on Bays in Marlborough Sounds
Endless Views of Hawkes Bay from Above
Rural Living in Marlborough
Marine Parade Alive with Exercise
Vines Lengthening into the Horizon
Shadows from the Clouds Dancing above the Vineyards
River Twisting and Turning through the Vineyards
Napier City Lights at Sunset
Two Sightseers Overlooking the Hills of Hawkes Bay
Singular Car Driving Over a River at Dusk
A Carpet of Grape Vines in Marlborough
A Quiet Morning on Marine Parade
Sunlight Peaking Through the Clouds onto the Water Below
City Centre of Napier
Wind Machines Towering Over the Vines
People Catching the Last of the Sunset at Te Mata Peak
Windy Road through the Dips and Peaks of Te Mata Peak
Shot of Houses from the Top of the Hill to the Bottom
Continuous Parallel Travel through the Vines, for the Tractor
Napier towards Cape Kidnappers in Sunset
Lion Rock on Piha Beach at sun set
Cows in the Paddock with the Phone Tower
Dusk on the Sleeping Crocodile Peninsula
Te Mata Peak Full of Sunset Watchers
Farmland Separating Marlborough Hills and a River
Sunset over the Marlborough Farmland
Dusk Setting Upon the Marlborough Vineyards
Rural Travellers Driving over a River at Dusk
Clear Blue Skies over the Marlborough Sounds
Dirt Road Weaving through the Vines
Blue Skies Looking Down on the Vineyards Below
Marlborough Vineyard Glowing Green in the Afternoon Sun
Houses Above a Cliff in Napier
Cars Driving over a Bridge above a Vast Riverbed
Boats Making Use of the Final Minutes of Daylight in the Sounds
Winemakers still Working in the Afternoon Sun on the Vineyards
Tractor Heading Down the Grape Vines
Roads Separating Vineyards in Marlborough
Big Villas in Napier
Sunlight Peeking through the Clouds onto the River and Vineyards Below
Frosty Morning Looking Over Napier
Ocean Looking into Napier Township
People Enjoying the Viewing Platform on Marine Parade
Mist Covering Half of the Town
Dirt Tracks through the Hills as far as the Eye can See
Glowing River & Vineyeards in Marlborough Wine Country
Westhaven Marina at dusk
Fly through Milford Sound at sundown
Dry Rolling Hills and Vineyards of Marlborough
Milford Sound as the sun goes down
Solo Car in the Best Lookout Spot of Te Mata Peak
Wine Makers Country in Marlborough
Yellow Tinted Vines in the Sunset
A View of Green from a Car Park Lookout
Sun Shimmering on the Sounds
Windy Road through the Untouched Hills
Farmland on the Canterbury Plains at dawn
An Expanse of Grape Vines Glowing in the Afternoon Sun
Te Mata Peak in the Distance
Misty Mornings in the Suburbs
Two Cyclists Cycling along Te Mata Peak
Dry Summer Hills and Vineyards in Marlborough
Snow capped mountains at dusk in Milford Sound
Cliff Face Separating Houses and a Main Road
Sun Shining Over Napier Township
Parallel Lines of Vines at Sunset
Gloomy Hills in the distance overlooking the Vineyards
Houses on the Cliff above Napier Port
Peninsula looking like a Sleeping Crocodile in the Sounds
Cars on Summit of Te Mata Peak Looking Over Hastings
A Valley of Vineyards Surrounded by Hills
Clear Summers Day on the Vineyards in Marlborough
Sun Setting Over Napier
People Playing Tennis on Marine Parade
Boat Travelling Solo Through the Marlborough Sounds at Sunset
Travelling from the Vineyards up into the Hills
Marine Parade Heading Towards Napier Port
Iconic Hawkes Bay Landscape
Immaculate Vineyards in Marlborough
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gwen isaac
SImon is professional, courteous and good humoured. Echo Valley went the extra mile for our production and we are really excited to be working with them. Such amazing footage too, next level and especially good for that cinema feel!
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Jasmine Edgar
Wow, amazing experience working with Echo stock. Such great communication and the end result was so creative and inspiring! Ticked all our boxes. Thanks and look forward to working with you again.
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Nanette Miles
Great footage and service. Highly recommend.
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Nigel Sutton
Amazing experience. These guys had the best video clips I could find, perfect for my project. Easy to search, easy to purchase. A++ Would recommend.
Some great night shots of Auckland. Exactly what i was after.
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Harvey Hayes
Great communication and excellent footage quality.
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