Stunning Custom Drone Services in NZ

Echo Valley is a leading provider of custom drone services in NZ. Echo Stock is our child brand —a leading video stock platform that could help you with your next drone project. Visit our drone photography site at

We are a drone service company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We travel to the deepest, difficult-to-access areas of NZ to film with our latest drone technology. So whether it's for a commercial, film, or television, we covered it for you.

Piloting the Best Drone Services in NZ

Our drone pilots don't just specialize in operating drones; they're also creative and imaginative in their way. With years of experience in marketing and media production, you'll have the assurance that our work will have a lasting impact on your audience.

Unique Services For Your Next Drone Project

Our services cover everything you need, from mapping your drone project to making post-production edits. Our expertise isn't limited to aerial photography and videography; our specialists also excel in the tasks in between.

Here's how we can help you:

Drone Photography and Videography

Our clients rely on our access to the latest drone technology and imagery. Our pilots' drones can go high and fast, and our video capabilities offer up to 6k resolution in Cinema Raw DNG format.

Location Scouting

Our strong ties with New Zealand landowners and councils allow us to operate in the most beautiful places in the country. We'll be happy to do the legwork and find the locations perfect for your story.

DOC Drone Permitting

New Zealand has the most scenic greeneries and hills, perfect for drone photography and videography. However, you need a permit from the Department of Conversation (DOC) to use drones in most of these areas. It could be tedious, but here’s some good news: we already established ties and permits from the DOC.
You don't have to worry about this side of the business.

Post Production

Should you need help in the editing stage of your drone photography or videography, we can also deliver that for you. Then, with our expertise in transcoding, editing, and grading, we'll put the finishing touches on your story.

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Our end-to-end capabilities allow us to be your next drone project’s one-stop solution. Look at the previous projects we worked on, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Your Drone Project is in Safe Hands

Providing you with safe and legal drone operations is our topmost priority. We want to use your time and resources wisely to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Every operator at Echo Valley is CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) part 102 certified. We're licensed to fly even at night, over urban and agricultural areas, and at high altitudes.

Echo Valley's drone operations can approach even the least-accessible areas in New Zealand, giving you more unique options for your next project.

Get in Touch Today

Clients love our ability to adapt to their needs. Contact us, and let the best drone services in NZ help you tell your story.

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gwen isaac
gwen isaac
SImon is professional, courteous and good humoured. Echo Valley went the extra mile for our production and we are really excited to be working with them. Such amazing footage too, next level and especially good for that cinema feel!
Jasmine Edgar
Jasmine Edgar
Wow, amazing experience working with Echo stock. Such great communication and the end result was so creative and inspiring! Ticked all our boxes. Thanks and look forward to working with you again.
Nanette Miles
Nanette Miles
Great footage and service. Highly recommend.
Nigel Sutton
Nigel Sutton
Amazing experience. These guys had the best video clips I could find, perfect for my project. Easy to search, easy to purchase. A++ Would recommend.
Some great night shots of Auckland. Exactly what i was after.
Harvey Hayes
Harvey Hayes
Great communication and excellent footage quality.
Echo Valley is trusted by the best
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