Post Production Workflow Tips

What is a LOG clip?
A log clip utilizes more of the sensor’s information than a standard video curve because it’s saving as much data as possible rather than capturing specifically for the human eye or a video screen. This gives you much more colour data to work with in post-production.
Your log clip may look grey or washed out but don’t worry, that is normal. You can add a LUT in your editing software to make it look as expected.

What is CDNG / Cinema DNG?
Cinema DNG is an image sequence, in RAW format. Recording in CinemaDNG accurately records all details of a scene, oversampling captures more detail. By shooting and storing files in CinemaDNG, you can get the same set of benefits in your videos as you would storing images in a raw image format. By preserving as much information about the footage as possible, a RAW file contains more colors and has a wider dynamic range. It also offers the greatest degree of customization, giving you full control over color grading, white balance, and ISO settings. The simplest analogy we’ve heard is that a RAW video is essentially a “digital negative,” something you can play around with to get the results you want even after you’ve shot the footage.
The DJI Inspire 2 drone records in up to a 4Gbps bitrate. If you would like to know more about bitrates and codecs go to the DJI license page.

How do I import and use a CDNG clip?
Adobe workflow- Premiere & After Effects
You can’t drag & drop or File>Import a DDNG clip. Instead, Import via the media browser. If that
isn’t clear for you, please have a look at the Adobe help page on media browser.
If you are exporting to a professional colourist, just treat the clip as normal.
If you want to grade the clip in After Effects, you can import the clip then process it via the RAW controls that are similar to Adobe lightroom. Then render the clips and export to ProRes422 or similar and import into Premiere for editing.
Davinci Resolve workflow
Import, edit & grade clips as usual.
Avid workflow
Use ‘DaVinci Resolve free’ to transcode to MXF OP atom dnx files. Alternatively use this plugin to import into Avid.

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