Frequently Asked Questions

Does it take long to download the high resolution video files?
Our video servers are very fast. You can download a 3GB file in less than 10 minutes with

Can I download a preview clip?
Yes. We have 1080 watermarked preview files that you can download and try in your edit.

What currency are the prices for stock footage?
All prices are specified in New Zealand Dollars. $NZD.

What file formats and resolutions are available?
All footage is 4k. You can download graded Apple Pros Res 422, Log Apple Pro Res 4444 or Raw.

What is the best way to process Log Apple Pro Res 4444 and Cinema DNG Raw images sequences?
Please go to our workflow tips page for more information on this.

What usage licenses are available?
It’s simple, we have one license structure. Once purchased the clip is yours to use across all media, anywhere in the world, in perpetuity.

Can I get a refund?
We understand that sometimes a clip just doesn’t work out like intended. If you bought the clip in the last 10 days and it was never used in a project that went live, then we can give you a full refund or exchange it for the clip that you need.

I’m part of a Non-Profit Organization. Can I get a discount?
Yes. Please message us with the details of who you are and what your project is.

Do you have any free stock footage clips?
Yes. We have a free stock video clip to download. Keep in mind that it is not ProRes or log and can be downloaded online but not from our fast servers. 

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